How to obtain 5 clubhouse invites instead of 2

How to obtain 5 clubhouse invites instead of 2

These days, clubhouse is the new social media kid on the block. Fueling the hype is the app’s invite policy and the exclusivity to Apple’s iOS ecosystem. Once again, Apple’s marketing jargon from the iPhone 4 era is given a new meaning: If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone…

Anyway, when opening up the app for the first time, people are promoted with 2 invites. Inviting other people requires you to share your contacts though. It might not only be me, being a bit hesitant in sharing such sensitive information with a new app that you don’t know much about.

Therefore, I chose not to share my contacts with the app. To my surprise it took about 3 days until I received a notification, sharing the good news: I was granted 3 additional invites. Well, that’s textbook marketing – incentivation. „If 2 invites won’t make you open up your contacts, how do 5 sound?“

I totally understand the rationale here but I think it’s a little bit shady. So my conclusion is, if you are new on clubhouse and really want to invite more than 2 people: Resist the urge to invite others immediately and don’t share your contacts. Just give it a few days until they give you more.

It would have been a nice experiment to see where this would have led. I have to admit, I fell for this marketing ploy but I did not share my contacts though. There is a way to invite selected people only without sharing your whole contact list. I will cover this in another post.

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